About Us


DENA was founded by Dim & Anna in London in 2018. The two lovebirds started their journey after exchanging numbers in a quirky Thai Restaurant on Portobello Road. After their first date Anna broke the news that she was leaving to go travelling across Asia for 6 months...

Although it was tough to stomach, Dim reassured Anna that they would get through it no matter what. At the time Anna was working for a jewellery brand, whilst Dim worked in the Fin-tech industry. 

After a few months of seeing each other, the couple wanted to set up a beachwear and sportswear brand. Dim had previous experience in starting online business's and Anna had a great portfolio working as an art director.

The pair started bouncing around ideas and names for the brand before finally arriving at DENA. D standing for Dim and A for Anna. The D&A evolved and DENA was born.

Why Microfibre towels?

'Anna was backpacking to go travelling so space was of the essence. I researched products that were light, durable and compact for travelling and stumbled on microfibre towels'. Says Dim.'As we weren't going to see each other for some time, I suggested that we both design a towel that would remind us of each other whilst being apart'. 

After three long months of waiting, Dim & Anna finally met again but this time in Thailand. They spent everyday discovering new places, creating memories and seizing beautiful moments. 

'The pictures you see of the towel's are taken by us from our amazing trip, so we wanted to share our moments with you'.

Now, its time for you to pick your towel, and show us how you seize your moments...